The Willcocks Nursery School

The Willcocks Nursery School

Settling In

We want the transition from home to nursery school to be a happy time for your child.

We ask you to fill in Registration Documents, Medical Forms, Permission Slips and a questionnaire “All About Me” to aid transition prior to your child starting so that we can have your child’s favourite toys and equipment ready for their arrival. 

You and your child will be invited for a short “stay and play”. Once settled, you will be asked to leave for a short period to see if your child is happy to be left. As your child becomes more able to cope, the session will be gradually extended to the full morning or afternoon. .

Sometimes separation can be upsetting and we ask you to be patient. Each child is an individual; a toy or photograph from home or a picture of their Key Teacher to take home can link home and nursery and be very helpful.

As your child builds a rapport with the teachers, we will ask you to stay in the vicinity for the first few sessions so that you can return if needed.

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