The Willcocks Nursery School

The Willcocks Nursery School

Testimonials - Children

What do you like best about the school?

“I like playing with Charlotte. I play with Peppa Pig with Charlotte. I bring my rabbit to school to play with, I do cutting, I do singing, I got letters and numbers at my school. I do sharing with my letters and numbers in school.” – Lucrezia

“Is to play with the pony set and to see all my friends and to tell my teacher about my show and tell.” – Laetitia

“Is sitting on your lap and painting.” – Fred

“I just love all my teachers because I just do. They are beautiful, they are kind and they all just love me” – Alexander

“When someone has a birthday they have cake” – Lily

“Playing with the toys with Amara. I like to learn about numbers and I can count lots of numbers. 67 - it is a big number; it is 6 and 7. Did you know that our Nanny has longer hair than you do? Hers is longer than the Barbie doll's. Miss Jennifer has shorter hair - that's an opposite.” – Rosie

What do you like about Lunch Club?

“I just like it, it’s great!” – Si

“Pasta, grapes and carrots” – Sarah

"Pasta and broccoli” - Hector

“Pedro (Sports coach) is so cool, is so funny, I play with him, I love it” – Hamish

“I like cooking, I like sitting with my friends” – Timothée

What is your favourite toy?

“Carrying the baby, two hands like this” - Stella

“The most favourite is on the computer. Yesterday it was not working, the batteries did not work.” What game do you like? “The number penguins” – Sebastian

“Playdough, making animals” - Gala

“I like playdough because playdough doesn’t go in your eyes” – Alessia

“Blocks, building” - Charlie